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Diabetes Educational information

Dr Torpey believes that the more you know about diabetes the better you will feel. He understands that the Diagnosis of Diabetes is life changing, and he wants to help.

Check out this website for help controlling your diabetes as well as life style changes that will make the transition less disruptive to your lifestyle. To register for more information and a free cookbook click on the button below.

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DocTorpey Metabolic Modifying Diet

The epidemic of obesity and resulting insulin resistance, leading to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Elevated lipids is a major health concern for Americans.

Dr Torpey understands that controlling our weight is a life long struggle, and he is always looking for modifications in lifestyle and diet that can lead to greater success. The diet above is a continuously evolving document that attempts to explain how Sugar Fat and activity are related.

Torpey Family Medicine is

striving to achieve pcmh certification. This will provide

even more integrative care for

our patients. You can help by

using your patient portal for communication with our office.

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