Laurence E. Torpey M.D.

DocTorpey Medical PLLC

8 Weston Ridge

Room P

Rochester, NY 14625

personal Cell (585) 478-7032

new Fax number (877) 991-2380

To become an official Oak Orchard Patient you MUST call or visit Oak Orchard Health and Register as a NEW Patient with OAK ORCHARD.     I will be seeing Patients at Albion office of Oak Orchard on Monday and Wednesday and at the Warsaw office of Oak Orchard on Tuesday and Fridays.    They will begin filling the schedule on Friday Feb 21st. 

 You must call the office and say, "I wish to register with OAK ORCHARD HEALTH" in order to see a Provider at Oak Orchard Health.   

 They will give you the option of stopping into the office and you will inorder to sign all the paperwork but you can Register as a new patient on the phone.  

Oak Orchard Health Albion

 301 West Avenue

 Albion, NY 14411. 

Medical Tel: (585) 589-5613.

 Fax: (585) 589-0872.

Oak Orchard Health Warsaw

81 South Main Street

Warsaw, NY 14569

Tel: (585) 228-1195

Toll Free: (855) 351-9576

Fax: (585) 786-0053


Torpey Family Medicine Office at 2221 Penfield Road closed as of January 24th, 2020.  Thank You all for a wonderful 5 yrs in Private Practice.  I have the greatest patients and I appreciate all the support.  It was a good run.

All refills shall be requested to the pharmacy who sends a electronic request through Surescripts.  If it is a controlled substance it will require a IStop and if appropriate will be refilled in about 72hrs if appropriate and not early.  If not a controlled substance it will be refilled within 24hrs.  Do not call Oak Orchards at this time to request a Prescription refill or for an appointment.   Call your pharmacy.

Dr Torpey will be seeing Patients at Oak Orchard Health Albion and Warsaw starting Feb 20th, 2020.  Before you call, you must sign and send the release form below for records transfer. 

Oak Orchard Health

301 West Avenue Albion, NY 14411.

 585) 589-5613. Fax: (585) 589-0872

or send the signed file to 

[email protected]

 Fax to new Fax number (877) 991-2380

Do not call Oak Orchard for an appointment with Dr Torpey before Feb 20th, 2020.   They are unable to fill his schedule until after the Board Meeting on Feb 19th.   If you call them for an appointment you can see a different health care provider at Oak Orchard Health but they will be unable to make you an appointment with Dr Torpey himself.  Do not call Oak Orchard Health for prescription refills.   Call your pharmacy, have them send the request to Dr Torpey through Electronic Sure scripts electronic refill.

  Do not call Oak Orchard Health  for medication refills until you have been seen at Oak Orchard Health by Dr Torpey or another provider at Oak Orchard Health.

Dr. Laurence E Torpey, M.D, a 2000 graduate of the University of Rochester/Highland Hospital Family Practice Residency Program. This allows him to bring a diverse skill set to his practice. These skills include cognitive behavior therapy, cryotherapy, minor surgical procedures and inpatient and outpatient medicine using the Bio-psychosocial model. In his 19 year post graduate career, he strengthened his understanding of diabetes, his understanding of modern medicine through time spent in the Medical Society of the State of New York in the house of delegates, as well as working in several different types of practices including article 28 community board owned, hospital owned, and privately owned practices. He brings this experience and maturity to Torpey Family Medicine allowing him to better help his patients navigate the complexity of the medical environment filled with diagnostic tests, specialists, pharmaceuticals, and other treatment options. Dr. Torpey uses evidence based medicine, seeking answers through scientific proof, to provide his patients with the information needed to make the best decision they can for their health care, while providing the support and compassion of a true patient advocate.

 At Torpey Family Medicine we provide the right medical care for the right reason, to improve the health and well-being of our patients and our community. 


Why us?

Torpey Family Medicine is a patient centered medical practice dedicated to providing their patients with the compassionate, integrative health care that they need and deserve. We strive to meet the needs of our community with the goal of personalizing a healthcare environment which is comfortable, friendly, helpful and respectful. Dr. Torpey strives to maximize his availability to his patients through an “Open Office Practice” philosophy of encouraging his patients call into the office with acute concerns, such that they can be addressed quickly before they progress. His practice believes that he and his patients must strive for a partnership as he helps them navigate the complex healthcare environment which is modern medicine.